Nostell Nights

Since 2017 Paul has been commissioned to write and perform a series of poems in response to the Nostell Priory stately home in Wakefield as part of their ‘Nostell Nights’ programme of events.

The poems have explored the history of the building and it’s characters including the State Bedroom, and the Attic space.

In December 2018 Paul extended this idea writing and performing in an immersive theatre experience entitled ‘A Butler’s Christmas’ and followed up with another short theatre piece ‘Reflections’ as part of the May 2019 event.

An extract from ‘A Butler’s Christmas’:



The Butlers Late Night Lament


Darkness, light snaps on.


Shhh, pass it on; the butlers been sacked!

He supped the supply one too many times behind their backs

Shhh, pass it on; the butlers had to leave, ‘not equal to his place’

I’d like to see them say it to his face

Shhh, pass it on, card party in the pantry tonight

Bring a bottle, but don’t tell too many – alright?

Shhh, think on, the Night Watch Man Albert Poulter’s about tonight

If you hear him coming, blow out the candle light.


Darkness, the light snaps off


© Paul Bateson 2018