*** Currently in print as contributor to ‘The Working Class‘ by Ian Gilbert, Independent Thinking Press ***

Paul is a teacher, trainer, writer and theatre maker based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire

A Drama teacher for 10 years and lead on Citizenship and Blended Curriculum, Paul is currently taking a break from education. Travelling in Asia for 6 months, relaxing, visiting schools he will be writing a blog series on his experiences, exploring how interacting with culture and nature can help improve well-being; and how schools look across the world.

Outside of education Paul is a writer and theatre producer, founding Taproom Theatre Productions in Wakefield in 2011, and successfully curating ‘Plays and Pints Festival’ most years since. In 2016 Paul published his first collection of poems and in 2017 Paul began work as a writer / director of Cuckoo’s Egg Theatre Company as a founder of the group.

in 2018 Paul was welcomed to the board of directors of Long Division Festival, Wakefield.

Working to give access to the arts and culture as a way to improve wellbeing, promote tolerance and diversity, mobilise proactivty and affect social change is at the heart of his work.

Through innovative and imaginative projects inside and outside the classroom; my mission is to provide meaningful cultural experiences for all people regardless of situation.

Above all he is a do-er and a dreamer.