Children of the Moon – Creative Wakefield commission 2019

Paul was recently commissioned to make an original piece of theatre as part of the ‘Festival of the Moon’ in Wakefield, August 2019.

‘Children of the Moon’ was

by Paul Bateson – Teacher, Writer, Theatre Maker

….with young actors from the Wakefield district (ages at the time).


Lucy Quinn, 17, Alverthorpe, Wakefield

Chloe Watson, 16, Outwood, Wakefield

Scott Godson, 16, Outwood, Wakefield


Children of the Moon’ was a young person led, site specific performance; developed, rehearsed and performed in the ‘Festival of the Moon’ exhibition space over the course of just one day.

What has the moon seen? And what would it say?  And does it resent the light of the day? Talk to the moon and does it hear? Hanging there silent year upon year. The middle of the night can be a lonely place, with nothing but the moon for company. We stand in the glow of it; and wonder…

Working with poetry, physical theatre, music and movement; director and young people explore themes of past, future and self in response to the ‘Museum of the Moon’ artwork


Festival Of The Moon photos by Andrew Benge