Dashing Young Gentlemen is Wakefield’s newest running club. We run for fun and have parties too.

The dashing team are planning a series of trail runs in Winter / Spring 2019 follow @DashYoungGents on twitter for updates and teasers


For now, here’s a poem about early morning autumn runs


Rush hour


Up with larks I am, skidding down the steps in the park
Then; quick as a flash, onto the path, down woodpecker dash.
Kicking up mud with my heels
Others still staring at their toast
I’m on my toes
Far away from traffic jam steering-wheel ghosts
A mob of crows raiding a bin ripping up remnants of last nights take-away sin
I fly past red poppies all lined up like the silent bus stoppers – and grin
Mr Squirrel busies about his daily grind
Sleeping swan like a lady of leisure still kicking out Zs
All these and me;
In the clearing the middle of the woods:
Head clears,
Then inexplicable, tears.
This is my office today, this is my work.
This my solace today, this is my worth


© Paul Bateson 2018


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