It’s the last week can we watch a film sir?

‘Can’t we just watch a video?’ ‘But it’s the last lesson / week / term though Sir!’ As soon as the students get a sniff of the summer hols the questions come thick and fast. ‘We’re playing games in other classes though’ ‘Can’t we have a fun lesson?’ What? Our lessons are always fun… It […]

Travel Blog #21 – Bohol

Most of the Philippines’ provinces slowly bowed down and surrendered to the Spanish, all but Mactan Island, led by Chief Lapu-Lapu, adjacent to Cebu Island. This is where we are to take our boat to Bohol. He led his people to fight against the invasion, killing Ferdinand Magellan in a battle, no less, and slowing the Spanish […]

Travel Blog #19 – Bali, Gili and Me

Surfs up dude My only experiences of surfing before now was East Coast England – cold water surfing. Wet suit. Wet suit hood, shoes, gloves, and chilly bum bums. Scarborough. Bamburgh. Cayton Bay. Beadnell. And I’d loved it, but it was cold, And I wasn’t very good, and it’s at least a two hour drive […]

Travel Blog #18 – Bali

Are you, like, even a traveller yah? If you don’t go to Bali ? With white sand beaches, yoga retreats, surfer dudes, palm groves and waterfall walks it promises to be the perfect instagram opp stop. And blooming eck there’s a lot of insta action. Search #bali or #yogaubud and there so many picture perfect […]