Travel Blog #9 – Walk the line

Travelling is a great way to experience new cultures and learn about different ways of life up close and first hand. None more so than the busy hectic streets of the Indian capital – New Delhi. It is a real attack on the senses; new language, foods, flavours, smells and an ever present spirituality are […]

Travel Blog #7 – Delhi

After the contrasts of Kathmandu and then the remote cold catharsis of our Everest trek we spent a few days in the steamy Chitwan National Park and one day in Nepal’s second city Pokhara. In between were 8hour bus journeys on unmade winding sandy mountain roads in bright heat. With the poor roads and sanitation […]

Travel Blog #3 ‘The middle way’

Dawa meets us at the airport with white garlands and ‘namaste’ handshakes and smiles He and the driver take our bags and beep the horn a lot out to take us to Thamel. Past shops of spices and pashminas we bounce along potholed roads Families sit over tin cans on fire on the street side […]

Travel Blog #2 ‘Kathmandu’

Kathmandu. One of those mysterious maybe made up places like Timbuktu or Casablanca or Bora Bora that we know about but no one you know has been. Capital of Nepal, The gateway to the Himalaya, the home of Mount Everest (Sagamarta – Mother of Universe to give it its Nepali name), key stopping point on […]