It’s the last week can we watch a film sir?

‘Can’t we just watch a video?’ ‘But it’s the last lesson / week / term though Sir!’ As soon as the students get a sniff of the summer hols the questions come thick and fast. ‘We’re playing games in other classes though’ ‘Can’t we have a fun lesson?’ What? Our lessons are always fun… It […]

Memorability of stories

Using stories to engage learners across the curriculum  (***Warning: ‘Of Mice and Men’ spoiler alert***)   ‘Oh. My. God.’ shrieks one student loudly and skids her book across her table, as other reading books drop and hit desks and there are outtakes of breath and loud sighs and ooohs and ahhhs and chatting and exclaiming erupts […]

Travel Blog #21 – Bohol

Most of the Philippines’ provinces slowly bowed down and surrendered to the Spanish, all but Mactan Island, led by Chief Lapu-Lapu, adjacent to Cebu Island. This is where we are to take our boat to Bohol. He led his people to fight against the invasion, killing Ferdinand Magellan in a battle, no less, and slowing the Spanish […]

Travel Blog #19 – Bali, Gili and Me

Surfs up dude My only experiences of surfing before now was East Coast England – cold water surfing. Wet suit. Wet suit hood, shoes, gloves, and chilly bum bums. Scarborough. Bamburgh. Cayton Bay. Beadnell. And I’d loved it, but it was cold, And I wasn’t very good, and it’s at least a two hour drive […]

Travel Blog #18 – Bali

Are you, like, even a traveller yah? If you don’t go to Bali ? With white sand beaches, yoga retreats, surfer dudes, palm groves and waterfall walks it promises to be the perfect instagram opp stop. And blooming eck there’s a lot of insta action. Search #bali or #yogaubud and there so many picture perfect […]